The challenges of innovative therapeutic interventions in hemophilia
Louis M. Aledort, New York, USA

Will severe hemophilia become more common in future? The effects of population demographics on the incidence of hemophilia
Manuel Carcao, Toronto, Canada

Acquired TTP: are we ready for a prognosis-dependent management?
Paul Coppo, Paris, France

Treatment monitoring in the atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS)
Massimo Cugno, Milan, Italy

Von Willebrand factor in ischemic stroke
Simon F.M.G. De Meyer, Kortrijk, Belgium

The many faces of thrombocytopenia in von Willebrand disease type 2B
Cecile Denis, Paris, France

Predictors of outcome in ITI: the Italian Registry
Giovanni Di Minno, Naples, Italy

Collagen and VWF interactions and beyond
Veronica Flood, Milwaukee, USA

The genetics of von Willebrand disease: recent developments
Anne C. Goodeve, Sheffield, UK

Endocytosis of factor FVIII by antigen-presenting cells: roles of von Willebrand factor and complement
Sebastien Lacroix-Desmazes, Paris, France

Differential diagnosis of thrombotic microangiopathies
Jeffrey C. Laurence, New York, USA  

The potential use of nanobodies in the treatment of VWD and hemophilia
Petrus J. Lenting, Paris, France

Determinants of FVIII inhibitor risk: Is VWF a key factor?
David P. Lillicrap, Kingston, Canada

Addressing vector immunogenicity in the development of AAV-based gene therapies for bleeding disorders
Federico Mingozzi, Evry, France

Liver-directed lentiviral gene therapy of hemophilia
Luigi Naldini, Milan, Italy

An update on UCL/St Jude Haemophilia studies; successes and obstacles ahead
Amit Nathwani, London, UK

VWF regulation of blood vessel formation and function
Anna M. Randi, London, UK

The most recent advances in aHUS and TTP including complement and VWF-complement interactions.
Giuseppe Remuzzi, Marina Noris, Bergamo, Italy

Randomisation or real world data?
Frits R. Rosendaal, Leiden, The Netherlands

Old concepts and new functions of von Willebrand factor: 2017
Zaverio M. Ruggeri, La Jolla, USA

Paradigm shift of the treatment of hemophilia A  by FVIII mimicking bispecific antibody
Midori Shima, Nara, Japan

Emerging concepts in acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
Karen Vanhoorelbeke, Kortrijk, Belgium

Immune recognition of ADAMTS13 in acquired TTP
Jan Voorberg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Interplay between VWF/ADAMTS13 and NETs
Denisa D. Wagner, Boston, USA

Mechanism of thrombotic microangiopathy: lesson from zebrafish to men
X. Long Zheng, Birmingham, USA

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